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Squeeage post - Bleach episode #048 "Hitsugaya Roars!"

So, I'm watching Bleach right? And I'm squeeing every five seconds to afteriwake on AIM, while doing it. So I decided to start doing squeeage posts, to save her from having to deal with my constant IMs and to share my thoughts/love with ya'll.

Oh, I started this mid-episode, so it's pretty short and the reason why I'm just doing the one episode today. From now on (with this show, at least), I'll do two or three episodes in one post, because there's so many of them and I'll be marathoning them.

And I'm making these posts public, because it doesn't really need to be friends only.

So here is the first ever squeeage post (officially that is)!

Warning: Spoilers for S3 - Soul Society: The Rescue arc.

- - -

Yoruichi teasing Ichigo will never get old! "Don't sit Indian style" hahaha. Hilarious.

Hitsugaya's Zanpakutō is probably my favourite so far. That fucking water/ice dragon was sick as shit! And so totally what I would want my power to be, since I love water.

Matsumoto showing up when she did, omg! I was really worried Momo was going to get hurt for a second, and then out of now where Rangiku showed up and of course, it was awesome. I still can't believe she and the Creepy Motherfucker (aka Gin) were ever BFFs. That's just wrong.

It figures that Urahara was the shit back in his day. That's probably why he's taken such an interest in Ichigo; they're a lot alike.

So Rukia's execution has been moved up. I'm not worried. Even if I hadn't spoiled myself, I know Ichigo and co will eventually save her. Plus now they have Renji on their side and Hitsugaya and Matsumoto are working to stop the execution too.

I really hope Kenpachi doesn't let his love for fighting Ichigo stop him from helping Rukia too. I don't really know how he feels about her, but he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would think this is all for the greater good.

I'm going to be so torn when the Soul Reapers take sides in the upcoming battle that I read about. I really like so many of them, that it's going to be hard siding with one group over the other. And yeah, I know I don't have too, but part of me will probably want to.
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