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Picspam - Five (Cracky) Crossover Pairings

Five (Cracky) Crossover Pairings
for picspammy challenge #17
(in no particular order)

John Mitchell (Being Human)/Jessica Hamby (True Blood)

This is probably my favorite ship of this whole thing. Mitchell and Jessica are pretty much perfect for each other (which is hard to say, as a Hoyt/Jessica shipper). At first being a vampire was great for both of them, but then it got bad and they didn't like it anymore. So now they're both broody and at odds with themselves. I think over time they could both kind of help each other deal with being vampires. They probably won't ever get it over it, but it would become easier.

Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds)/Heather Kessler (CSI)

This one actually I do have a valid reason for shipping! In Heather's last CSI appearance, she was a registered psychologist and I imagine her wanting a fresh start in life and going to Washington D.C. in hopes of getting one. But then one of her patients turns out to be a serial killer and the B.A.U. is called in to investigate. Which introduces Heather to Emily and Emily can't help but be curious about Heather's past. An unlikely friendship sparks and eventually some romantic feelings. At least that's how I would do it.

The 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)/River Tam (Firefly)

This one is all my girlfriend's fault. She was telling me about an idea she had where The TARDIS lands on Serenity and this just sort of happened. I think River is probably the only person in the world (except for maybe the Master) that the Doctor would be able to talk to and actually be understood. Take away all the crazy and River is a genius, so she'd be able to grasp what the Doctor is going on about fairly easily, imo.

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)/Echo (Dollhouse)

Aside from the fact that I adore Kristen Bell and Eliza Dushku, I really have no idea where the hell this one came from. It would be interesting though, if Veronica was asked by a family to find out information about their loved one who had become a doll. And knowing Veronica, she'd take it a step further and probably try to infiltrate The Dollhouse. Which is where I suspect she would meet Echo and where Echo would probably save her from getting killed by DeWitt who undoubtedly would be on to Veronica the second she showed up.

Rachel Pino/Michael Anderson

The only ship listed here that I ship as a friendship and nothing more. These two are original characters created by afteriwake (Rachel) and iluvroadrunner6 (Anderson). They have the type of friendship that I think everyone aspires to have. They have fun together and bullshit with each other, but when it comes down to it, they always have each other's backs no matter what. For more information about these two, I highly suggest you check out nlb_fic and seeyouagain_fic
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