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Fanfic ; Like a dream you dared to (Twilight, Alice/OFC, PG13)

Title: Like A Dream You Dared To [1/?]
Rating: PG13 (for now)
Fandom: Twilight saga
Characters/Pairings: Alice/OFC (primarily), Alice/Jasper and other canon pairings (background)
Seasons/Spoilers: AU, set an unspecific amount of time after Eclipse, but before the events of Breaking Dawn.
Summary: The Cullen Family and Bella are enjoying a day of baseball, when a strange visitor interrupts their fun. Alice has erotic visions of this stranger, which cause Jasper to go into a jealous rage and attack. No one knows what to make of the situation, but Alice knows one thing; eventually the vision will come to pass and that she secretly wants it to.
Author's Notes: No beta, so all mistakes are mine. I'm going to do my best keep everyone as in character as possible, while still adding my spin on some things. The girl (who will be named in a later chapter), I see being played by Joss Stone.

Late Fall in Forks, Washington is a beautiful thing. Leaves falling everywhere like show flakes dancing in the wind and those few trees who managed to keep their leaves, were a little bit of brightness in the world. Especially when paired with the dark and gloomy sky.

On this particular fall day, the sky was booming with thunder and crackling with lightening, which meant one thing; time for baseball. The Cullens and Bella, left the Cullen's house earlier that morning, to head to their favourite clearing deep within the woods behind the house, where they were free to play baseball as long as they liked, without having to worry about any humans accidentally finding out.

The game, which has been going on for the better part of three house, is still in full swing and didn't seem like it was going to end anytime soon. Carlisle is pitching for both sides and Edward is up to bat this time. Emmett is out deep in right field, his favourite position, while Jasper has left. Rosalie is waiting impatiently for her turn at bat, behind Esme, who is acting as catcher. The only member of the Cullen clan who wasn't playing, was Alice, who announced upon their arrival that she didn't really feel like it, and instead was sitting with Bella on a large boulder, gossiping and cheering on her family.

Just as Alice is about to counter Bella's cheers for Edward to hit a home run, with some jeers, she begins to sway back and forth. Bella, who is sitting close to her for warmth, despite the fact that the vampire is doing little more than shielding the wind from her, turns to face her friend.

"Alice?" she asks.

But Alice is lost within a vision. Somewhere, out in the woods is something watching them. It hasn't been out there for long, Alice realizes, or else she would have seen it approaching sooner. She's not able to exactly where it is, but knows that it's close. What's most disturbing, though, is she can't tell exactly what it is. She knows it's not human, she would be able to smell that, even within her vision. It smells and feels like a vampire, but not really. There's something else there. Something not vampire, nor human. She realizes, after a few moments that it's something that she's felt and smelled before, but it's highly unlikely that it's really what it could be.

"Edward!" Bella shouts, when she realizes that Alice isn't going to come out of her vision anytime quick.

Within moments, the entire family is surrounding the rock with looks of concern on their faces.

"What is it?" Jasper asks quietly, reaching out to touch his wife.

"Something is out there," Alice replies and it's barely above a whisper.

The vampires quickly got into a defense position around the rock. Memories of the last time they their baseball game was interrupted by unwelcome visitors, flash within all of their heads, and Edward is quick to move in front of Bella.

"It smells odd," Emmett says.

Everyone sniffs the air around them.

"Like a werewolf," Rosalie says.

"Only not," Esme adds.

"What is it, Carlisle?" Edward asks.

Carlisle shakes his head. "I have no idea."

Just then, a figure breaks through the outline of the trees and slowly steps out into the clearing. It takes the family a few moments to realize that it's a panther. A beautiful, black panther, with golden eyes, much like their own.

As Alice and the panther lock eyes, Alice is immediately struck by another vision. She sees a human, or at least human shape, in the form of a naked beautiful young woman, with long dark blond hair, that has natural reddish/blond highlights and golden eyes. She's running through the forest, but she's not alone. Alice is there, running beside her at full speed, naked as well. Suddenly without warning, just like the visions themselves, the girl grabs Alice around the waist and slams her into a tree. The wood cracks loudly under the force, but there is no one around for miles to hear it snapping. Which is good, because this also means no one is around to hear the moans that are escaping Alice's mouth, as the girl's hands roam her body and her mouth assaults her neck.

Alice forces herself to stop having the vision there, blocking out the rest, because it's becoming too much. To say she is aroused is an understatement and she's thankful that the rest of her family's attention is on the panther. That is, everyone except for Jasper, who Alice realizes is still touching her. At first he was worried, but now Alice can tell he's not. When he sniffs the air, Alice knows he's smelling her arousal and she knows that if it's that strong, then Jasper can certainly feel it coming off her in waves, even without touching her. A look passes across his face that Alice as only ever seen once in all their years together; rage.

Just as sudden as the first few visions were, Alice is struck by another one, this time of Jasper. He's running towards the panther and they meet at the edge of the woods, in a violent crash of fangs and claws. When Bella screams, Alice realizes that she's not having the vision anymore. The scene is actually playing out in front of her and everyone else. Jasper growls as the panther's claws make contact with his chest and rip open his shirt, but it was a lucky shot, because the next second, Jasper is on the panther, fangs deep in its throat trying to get a good grip, so he can rip the artery out. Before he can get the grip though, Edward and Emmett on are on him, pulling him away from the panther and back to the family. Jasper is struggling so hard, that he manages to get a good punch in on Emmett and almost breaks free, before Emmett grabs a hold of him again and violently slams him down into near frozen dirt, hard enough to leave an imprint of his body.

"Get his feet!" Emmett growls and Edward and Rosalie comply, each taking a leg, while Emmett sits on Jasper's chest to keep him from getting up.

When Alice gasps, her family's attention is drawn away from the still thrashing Jasper to her, and then to the panther, as they follow her gaze. Carlisle blinks rapidly in shock, unable to believe his eyes at first. The panther is no longer a panther, but the same girl that Alice saw running naked with her through the forest.

It doesn't take long for Carlisle's instincts to kick in and he rushes to the girl. She's bleeding freely from the wound on her throat and from a few other smaller gashes on her chest and arms. If she had been human, without a doubt she'd have died long before now. Carlisle also notes older wounds, which have almost completely healed, so for the time being, he focuses on applying pressure to the girl's neck to stop the bleeding.

"Esme!" he calls out and within a second, his wive is by his side.

"Is she going to live?" she asks, voice full of motherly concern.

All Carlisle can do is shrug in response. "Get me the first aide kit from the car and the blanket that Edward brought for Bella."

Esme nods and does as she's asked. The first aide kit was naturally for Bella. Carlisle had insisted that one be kept in her car at all times, knowing full well how clumsy she could be. No one argued with his logic.

Less than half a minute later, Esme was back. She hands the kit to Carlisle, before she wraps the blanket around the girl.

Carlisle makes quick work of dressing the wound, which he notices has already started to heal around the edges, but is still bleeding a lot.

"Emmett, Edward, Rose," Carlisle calls out to his children, who were still fighting to keep Jasper on the ground. "Take Jasper as far away as you can and let him hunt until he clams down." They move quickly off of Jasper, but before the enraged vampire can get up, Emmett has him wrapped in a bear hug and takes off running in the opposite direction from the family, with Edward and Rosalie by his side.

"What do we do now?" Esme asks.

"We get her back to the house, where I can stop the bleeding better and do what I can to close the wound," Carlisle replies and before he even finishes his sentence, he's got the girl wrapped in his arms and is standing. "Take Alice and Bella back to the house. I'll go on a head."

Esme has barely just enough time to nod, before Carlisle takes off in the direction of their house.

By the time Esme, Bella and Alice arrive, which is much later because they drove and didn't run, Carlisle is standing over the girl on the couch, wiping his hands free of blood.

"I've got her stitched up," he says as they enter the room.

"Will she be alright?" Alice speaks for the first time, since she had the first vision, more than half an hour ago.

Carlisle nods. "She'll live."

"What is she?" Esme asks, cautiously coming to stand by her husband.

"Vampire," Carlisle replies.

"What about what we saw in the clearing?" Esme asks.

"I think that's her gift," he replies.

"Gift?" Bella asks, from her place next to Alice. Neither of them have moved an inch, since entering the room. "You mean like Alice's visions or Edwards mind reading?"

Carlisle nods.

"Have you ever known a vampire who could shape-shift before?" Esme asks.

Carlisle shakes his head. "Never. I've never even heard of one before. But then again, that doesn't mean it's impossible. After all, we really know very little about our gifts or what affect vampirisim will have on a human who has a gift."

Bella is about to ask another question, but is interrupted by Rosalie, who comes stalking into the room. She's covered in mud and has twigs and leaves in her hair.

"What happened?" Esme asks.

"We got twenty miles away when Jasper broke free. Emmett was able to get a hold of him again, but not before he through me into a tree." She growls.

"Where are they now?" Carlisle asks.

"Hunting. Edward found and killed a bear and Jasper almost immediately focused on the blood and not trying to break free. When I was sure that he was going to hunt and not give us any more problems, I left them to it and came back home. Now I'm going to take a shower and get this crap out of my hair," she says and in a flash she's up the stairs.

Knowing that Jasper has calmed down enough to hunt is a great relief to everyone in the room and they all can't help but let out a small chuckle, thinking about Rosalie rolling around in the mud. At least, everyone but Alice, who is just staring at the girl on the couch and has been since they came in.

"Alice?" Bella asks, when she realizes that she's not laughing too.

Alice blinks a couple of times, before she looks at Bella. "Sorry," she replies with a smile, but the smile doesn't reach her eyes like it normally does. She glances quickly at Esme and Carlisle, who are busy talking about Jasper and what they should do and not paying attention to them. So, Alice grabs Bella around the waist and rushes up to her room. She knows that bringing Bella up stairs will do little good and her parents will still be able to hear their entire conversation, but the illusion of privacy is enough.

The sudden start and stop movement, makes Bella's stomach turn and she has to put her head between her knees to keep from throwing up, once she's in Alice's bedroom.

"Sorry," Alice apologizes again, feeling guilty for making her best friend sick.

"It's okay," Bella replies, once she's able to stand up straight. "What's wrong with you?"

Alice wonders where to begin. "I had another vision in the clearing," she says after a few moments.

"Okay?" Bella says, confused.

"I saw that girl down stairs in the vision. She was naked, like now, only she was running through the woods and..." she trails off, unsure if she really wants to admit the rest. They both know how her visions work. Once someone makes up their mind and she sees it, it's almost certain to come true. Which means that sometime, possibly in the not too distant future, she will cheat on Jasper with the girl from down stairs. And, as much as Alice doesn't want it to come to pass, part of her wants more than anything for it to be true and that's what scares her most.

"Alice," Bella begins softly, obviously worried about her almost sister. "Just tell me. Whatever it is, it'll be okay. We'll figure it out."

Alice lets out a breath that she hadn't realize she'd been holding and in a rush, tells Bella everything about her visions. It's a lot for Bella to take in all at once, and there are a few times where Alice was speaking so fast that she missed a few words, but over all she got most of what was being said. More than anything, she understood that Alice was worried and scared.

"It'll be okay," Bella says, taking the vampire into a hug.

Alice hugs back, as hard as she can without actually crushing Bella. "Are you sure?"

Bella nods. "We'll figure it out."

By the time they come back down stairs, Rosalie is out of the shower and into a fresh change of clothes and standing with their parents in the kitchen. Even though they all try their best to pretend that they hadn't overheard everything that Alice had told Bella, Alice knows that they know. How could they not?

"So," Carlisle begins after a few moments of awkward silence.

"How is she?" Alice asks.

"Better," Carlisle says with a nod. "The wound is healing, but she's still unconscious."

"Do you know how long she'll be out?" Bella asks.

Carlisle shakes his head, sadly. "It looks like she went through a lot, before the fight with Jasper. She had a lot of other injuries that were already starting to heal. I cleaned them up and patched a few of the larger ones, but I honestly don't know."

"She's been traveling for months," Alice says out of the blue.

"Are you having a vision?" Bella asks, but the answer is obvious.

"Was she searching us out, specifically?" Rosalie asks.

Alice shakes her head. "No. I think she just happened upon us by chance, because I can't see anything about us before earlier today. But she was searching for something, I think."

"Where did she come from?" Carlisle asks.

"I don't know," Alice replies. "South. Some where warm, tropical. She wasn't expecting it to be as cold up in this part of the country and it made her sick." The visions of the girl's travels continue for the next few minutes and Alice relays everything to everyone. She sees the girl, changing to her panther form as soon as she hit the Pacific North West, hoping that the fur will help keep the cold at bay. Carlisle, as a man of science, is most perplexed by the fact that the change in temperature had such an affect on the girl, when normally vampires weren't affected at all by changes in climate.

Suddenly, Alice has another vision, but this time it's a message from Edward and she passes this information on too. She sees Jasper and Emmett hungrily tearing into the fresh corpse of a mountain lion, while Edward watches and concentrates on getting the message through. He says that while Jasper has calmed down considerably, he's still too aggressive to bring back home and they'll be home within in a few days. Alice knows that Edward's more concerned about Bella's safety, than the safety of the stranger, which for some reason pisses he off and she growls at Edward in her head.

"Hopefully by the time we get back, we'll have this mess at least somewhat sorted," Carlisle says, though he highly doubts it and knows everyone is feeling the same.
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