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Fanfic - Two is Company but Three is a Crowd ; Doctor Who - PG

Title: Two is Company but Three is a Crowd.
Rating: PG
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Amy/Rory, Amy/Doctor
Seasons/Spoilers: Spoilers for S5 finale, AU after that.
Summary: Amy is treated to a nice surprise when the Doctor and Rory return from an outing together, after having left her locked in the TARDIS.
Author's Note(s): For afteriwake who asked at fandom_stocking for Eleven/Amy without screwing Rory over to make it happen. This was the first thing that popped into my head when I tried to think of ways to make that happen.

Un-beta’d, so all mistakes are my own. I apologize.

- - -

Amy sighed with boredom, as she paced back and forth in the TARDIS control room, silently cursing The Doctor and Rory for leaving her locked inside, while they had all the fun.

A week into their traveling all together, The Doctor received a distress call from an old friend of his, on a planet that Amy had never heard of, in a galaxy that she didn’t know either. On the way there, as he was pressing buttons and pulling nobs on the control panel, trying to get them there as fast as he could, The Doctor explained to both her and Rory that on this particular mission, he and Rory would be going alone, while Amy stayed behind in the safety of the TARDIS.

“Why?” Amy whined. She knew she was whining and didn’t care.

“Because,” The Doctor began, but was momentarily distracted by a blinking orb-type-thing on the control panel.

“Because-” Amy urged him to continue, annoyed.

“Because?” The Doctor asked, before he remembered, “Oh, right. You can’t come with us, because the Ta’li don’t hold women in very high regards. In fact, they’re more or less treated like slaves. It’s very sad really.”

“Then why are we going?” Rory asked, as he quickly glanced at Amy, already worrying for her.

“As much as I would like to not visit this planet again, we have to.” The Doctor replied.

“There’s something you aren’t telling us,” Amy said. She had been traveling with the Doctor long enough to know when he was purposely holding something back from her. Sometimes she didn’t say anything, because she knew he had reasons, but this time she was pissed and wanted to know why they were going to a planet full of misogynistic arseholes.

After a few moments, the Doctor sighed and stopped fussing with the console. “I believe what’s happening on the planet, may some how be connected with what happened to the TARDIS.”

“You mean it blowing up?” Rory clarified.

The Doctor nodded. “Indeed.”

Rory and Amy shared a look of worry, but said nothing else.

That had been two hours ago and they still weren’t back yet.

“Ah, screw it!” Amy said , as she stopped pacing and walked over to the TARDIS doors. Try as she might, though, they wouldn’t open. “Oh c’mon!” she shouted at the TARDIS, knowing full well that it was Her keeping her locked in.

“They might need my help,” Amy said more calmly and waited a few moments before she tried to open the door again, hoping that maybe the TARDIS would believe her. No luck.

“Y’know,” she spun around and stalked back to the control console, “I really don’t see what he sees in you,” she said, before giving said console a kick, to which its reply was a shock.

“UGH!” Amy hissed at the tingling in her leg. “Fine, be like that. I’m just going to go explore,” she said. Before she opened the door, that led out of the control room and into deeper parts of the ship, she turned back to control room and said, “You better not start changing around while I’m wandering or I’ll...tell on you!”

- - -

Hours later (maybe three, maybe four, maybe even ten, Amy wasn’t sure), she made her way back to the familiar hallway that led to her and Rory’s bedroom. In her adventures, she had found a tennis court, the library, a laboratory (which she didn’t even bother going into, for the simple fact that science didn’t interest her very much) and the pool. Now she was exhausted and all she wanted to do was lay down for a nap.

Rory and The Doctor be damned, she thought, as she climbed into the comfort of her bed. The TARDIS had made their bedroom look like the one from her childhood home, back on Earth. Part of her knew that it was just a replica, but the rest of her didn’t care. It was the closest thing she was going to get to home, besides having Rory with her, and it was all she needed to keep going on all these adventures.

- - -

It was dark, in the room at least, by the time Amy woke up. For a moment she began to panic when she felt the presence of someone else in bed with her, but when familiar arms wrapped around her waist, she relaxed.

“Mmm,” she hummed, sleepily. “How was your trip?” If she hadn’t been still half asleep, she would have been pissed again at them for leaving her behind.

“It was good,” The Doctor said, snuggling closer to her.

“That’s-” Wait. The Doctor?

Amy jumped out of bed and quickly turned on the light. It took her eyes a few moments to adjust to the newly bright room, but once they had, sure enough, there was the Doctor, half naked (at least the half she could see), in her bed.

“Where’s Rory?” She demanded. Once upon a time, she might have wanted to be with the Doctor, but she now that she was with Rory, she knew it had just been a crush and that her heart really belonged to Rory.

“Baby-” the Doctor began, but was interrupted by Amy shouting.

“DON’T call me that! What the hell do you think you’re doing, eh? I’m a married woman now and so are you! Possibly.” The Doctor looked at her confused. “Married I mean,” she clarified a moment later, when she realized how it had sounded, “not a woman.”

“Amy, it’s me. It’s Rory.”

Just then, Rory walked into the room. Amy rushed to his side and wrapped her arms around his neck. “This is Rory! Not you.”

“Actually,” Rory began, as he carefully de-tangled himself from Amy’s arms, “he’s Rory. I’m the Doctor.”

“Is this some kind of practical joke?” Amy asked, moving away from Rory-- the Doctor-- whoever the hell he was.

“‘Fraid not, love” The Doctor!Rory said form the bed.

“The Ta’li have this ritual,” Rory!Doctor started explaining, “it lets you, as you Humans say, “walk a mile in each other’s shoes. Only instead of figuratively, it’s literally. You become that person. Physically at least.”

Amy looked from the Doctor!Rory in her bed, to Rory!Doctor standing in her doorway, back and forth for a few moments while she wrapped her head around the situation. Both men looked at each other and shrugged, while they waited.

Finally, after almost five minutes, Amy finally turned to Rory!Doctor and asked, “So did you really switch bodies or do you just look like each other?”

“Only look like each other,” Rory!Doctor replied.

Amy nodded. “Alright. How long will it last?”

“Only a few more hours,” he replied.

“I wanted to wake you up and tell you,” Doctor!Rory said, “but he said not to tell you and just to go to sleep.”

“I only said not to because I assumed Amy would stay asleep long enough for us to return to normal.”

She turned to the Doctor!Rory. “So you’re really Rory? My Rory?”

“I am,” Doctor!Rory nodded.

“You just look like him?”

“Amy,” Doctor!Rory said, in the way that only Rory could say her name. It was a little unnerving hearing it out of the Doctor’s mouth and in his voice, but Amy’s heart knew that it was really Rory saying it, no matter who he sounded like or what he looked like.

Amy immediately jumped back into bed and began kissing Rory. “I missed you. I was worried about you, while you were gone.”

“I missed you too,” Rory replied, kissing back.

The Doctor cleared his throat. “Still in the room.”

Amy stopped kissing Rory long enough to glare at the Doctor, who got the message and quickly left.

“Amy,” Rory said, pulling away slightly, when Amy started to kiss him . “Maybe we should slow down? At least until I look like me again.”

Amy pouted. “Why?”

“Well. I mean.” Rory shrugged. “It’s a little weird, dontcha think? Looking like him and all.”

“But you’re still Rory,” Amy replied.

Rory thought about it for a moment. “You’re right,” he said, before he started kissing her again.

Amy smiled into the kiss, as she allowed herself to be pushed onto her back. As Rory began to kiss his way down her neck, Amy thought that she should write a thank you letter to the Ta’li, even if they were misogynistic bastards, for letting her fulfill a fantasy. Thanks to them, she got to be with the Doctor (his body at least), without ruining her marriage or breaking her husband’s heart.

Some crushes were harder to get rid of than others.

- - -

The next day, Amy hummed happily to herself as she walked into the control room. Everything was back to normal, the Doctor and Rory looked like the Doctor and Rory respectively.

“So, did you find what you were looking for on the planet?” she asked the Doctor, who was busy putting in their new destination into the console.

“Unfortunately, no. The two events were unrelated.”

“Sad,” Amy half said, half hummed, as she gave the Doctor the once over.

The Doctor finally turned his attention from his beloved TARDIS to Amy. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked.

“Oh no reason,” Amy smiled, innocently.

The Doctor nodded once, not believing her, but let it go and turned back to the TARDIS.

“By the way, nice birthmark,” Amy threw over her shoulder as she left the room.

The Doctor’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Birthmark?” he said aloud. “What- Oh God.” He spun around to find Amy gone. “AMY! TELL ME YOU DIDN’T!” He shouted and ran after her, blushing furiously.
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