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Fanfic - Aliens killed Jean Harlow ; DW / PG

Title: Aliens killed Jean Harlow
Rating: PG
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: The Doctor, Amy, Rory
Seasons/spoilers: n/a
Summary: Amy scoffs. "Oh right, like we're supposed to believe that aliens killed Jean Harlow?"
A/N: I have no idea what the hell is going on in this fic or even where it came from.

Amy sighs and the Doctor continues to stare. They've been at this for the better part of an hour now and it doesn't look like they'll resolve it any time soon. They're not fighting, not technically. At least that's what the Doctor said when Amy tried to point out earlier that that's exactly what they're doing. And now every time she opens her mouth or even begins to take a deep breath to speak, the Doctor's hand is up silencing her or he raises an eyebrow or does something else to annoy and silence her.

On the two hour mark, Rory comes in from wherever he was before. "How long are you gonna be?" he asks and of course, gets no response. In fact, he doesn't even get acknowledged. The Doctor just continues to stare at Amy and Amy continues to stare back. A few more minutes of being ignored, Rory throws his arms up in their air defeated and storms off.

Almost another hour passes before the Doctor finally sighs and gives in to Amy's demands. "Alright," he says. "We'll go to Hollywood."

Amy smiles. "Thank you. See that wasn't so hard, was it?"

The Doctor says nothing, as he puts the coordinates into the TARDIS navigation.

"So we're settled?" Rory asks when he comes back into the room and sees that the two are no longer locked in a silence and staring match.

"Yup," Amy bounces a little with excitement. "We're going to Hollywood!"

Rory blinks. "What?"


"No, I heard you. It's just- You mean to say- All that was just to go to Hollywood?" He's baffled.

And Amy is baffled at his baffling. "Well I had to do something, didn't I? The Doctor doesn't like Hollywood."

"I never said that," he says from the control console.

"Then why did you say you weren't going to take us when I asked?"

"Because I-," the Doctor pauses, trying to come up with a good reason. "Alright, because I don't like Hollywood." he finishes lamely.


- - -

Minutes later, the TARDIS lands and Amy rushes to the door. They've landed inside a warehouse type building that Amy assumes is on some sort of move studio property because of all the props and costumes that are being stored in the room. Sure enough, Amy is right, which she makes a point to mention more than once.

"Is everyone dressed so weird cause they're in a movie?" Rory asks once they're outside and around other people.

"Nope. They're dressed like that because this is 1936."

Amy stops walking. "1936?"

The Doctor smiles. "Had to make it interesting, right? What fun would it've been to go to Hollywood in the present, eh?"

"The whole point of this trip was to see celebrities that I know! Not ones that'll die before I'm even born."

"Not all of them will die," the Doctor points out, but this doesn't make Amy any less annoyed.

"Should've known he'd pull something," Rory says.

Amy turns her glare on him and he takes a step back behind the Doctor for protection.

"We'll have a grand time, you'll see," the Doctor says.

Amy begins to open her moth to argue that they probably won't, but closes it after a second or two. Even though she hasn't been traveling with the Doctor for very long, she's realized that by now, they're bound to get into something and even something boring like a trip to the library could end up being a life or death situation with him. So she just goes with it.

As the group walks around the studios, they stumble onto several sets. The Doctor uses his psychic paper to make security and members of the crew believe different things about the group, to keep the moving freely through the studios. After a while they came to a closed set with a sign in front that said "Saratoga".

"I've heard of that!" Amy says. "It was one of me mums favorite movies. Jean Harlow died before it could be finished."

"I was at her funeral," the Doctor says.

"Do you know how she died?" Amy asks. "Everyone says it was something different."

"Aliens," the Doctor says calmly.

Amy scoffs. "Oh right, like we're supposed to believe that aliens killed Jean Harlow?" The Doctor just looks at her. "Did they really?"

"Somehow, still haven't been able to figure out how, but some how, she came into contact with a microscopic alien race that needs very specific conditions to continue living."

"Conditions like what?" Rory asks.

"The human body," the Doctor replies simply.

"They're no more of them around here, are there?" Rory looks around.

"Course not. Ironically enough, they went inside Jean to survive and when she died, their race died with her. Quite sad actually. It'll happen within a few months time. Ah well. What do we want to see first?"

"Aren't you worried about running into yourself?" Amy asks. "I mean, if you're here with us now, but you're also here for the funeral, isn't that like some big time travelers no-no?"

"Wouldn't be the first time I've crossed paths with myself," the Doctor says. "But to answer your question, no I'm not worried. We'll be out of here before any of that happens."

"Alright then," Amy says.

"So we're staying?" Rory asks.

Amy nods. "Might as well look around."
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